"Analysis Is the Critical Starting Point of Strategic Thinking." - Kenichi Ohmae -
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Analyse-Predict is a data science service and statistical consultancy from the UK. We offer a bespoke service to our clients tailored to you and your company’s needs. Data is a crucial part of a company’s success, and understanding your data can provide a company with a greater insight into the customers, marketing strategy and performance. By using our experience and knowledge of statistical tools and software, we are able to transform your data, and provide you with clear and effective solutions for your company.
Online Game Client An online game with 65 million players, with over 16 million added in its first week alone. It was one of the fastest growing Facebook games of all time and was the fifth most-used Facebook application in less than a month of release. It represented a £5 Million investment; success would be dependent acquiring new players, then monetizing and retaining them. Acquire – Monetize – Retain. Our model tracked over 100 online gaming and Facebook metrics, incorporated costs vs income and maximized player value. A ‘Virality’ model was also developed through awarding players to encourage friends to play via an online econometrics model. Classification & Regression Trees were used to identify significant branch variables, uncovering over 15 key trackable customer segments. These were fed into a live model that used machine learning to optimize player journeys. To build the models, we dealt with data volumes of 1tb per day, with millions of rows, using HADOOP and NOSQL implementations. University Client UK based University who wanted to increase conversion rate of number of university places offered to number of university offers accepted. This model was built using university application data which was combined with other important covariates such as London transport zone, constituency, and educational attainment. Our model created 4 groups which were ordered based on the percentage conversion rate. This model allowed our client to gain a clearer understanding of which students they were losing to competitor universities and which group of students were likely to take up a place at University if offered.
Please get in touch with your data related queries to: enquiries@analyse-predict.co.uk 'analyse-predict.co.uk' trades under RANDOM FOREST LIMITED (company number: SC543051)
 We make sure to take a structured, open and professional approach to our work: Explore: The first step is to find out what your business needs and what data you have available. We explore this data to get a better idea of how to use your data effectively for your company. Tidy: Data sets are messy. We organise and restructure the data so that it can be analysed. Analyse / Predict: By using statistical software and machine learning techniques, we build analytical and predictive models of your data. Communicate: We transform analytical models into results which are clear and easy to understand by you.
 Here are a few examples of the type of services which we offer: Customer profiling Propensity modelling Classification modelling Customer retention modelling Website analytics Data monetization Predictive modelling "Big-data" analytics